GreatValue Program

Our Great Value Program has been designed to cater to the basic healthcare needs of our increasingly discerning clientele. The program is available for individuals as well as for Group and Corporate accounts.

A summary of our Great Value Program benefits:

  1. Our Great Value program is a short-term investment payable for One (1) year with an equivalent One (1) year coverage. The plan is renewable yearly and guarantees the availability of the Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL) per illness per year.
  2. As with our other programs, Great Value retains CareHealth’s two (2) way insurance coverages for our qualified clients who are in good health and at least Seven (7) but not more than Sixty-Five (65) years old as of their last birthday.
    • Term Life Insurance – coverage until before the end of the Period of Coverage equivalent to One Hundred Percent (100%) of the MBL.
    • Accidental Death Insurance – coverage until before the end of the Period of Coverage, equivalent to an additional One Hundred Percent (100%) of the MBL.
  3. Healthcare Benefits are classified into:
    1. In-Patient Care and Special Procedures which are made available up to the MBL of the selected program. Medical care includes Hospitalization Benefits (room and board on confinement, professional services of affiliated physicians or specialists, laboratory tests, x-rays and other prescribed diagnostic or therapeutic procedures prescribed medicines, etc.), Special Procedures (x-ray, ultrasound, basic mammography, CT scan, 2D Echocardiography, MRI, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, etc.), Emergency Care due to an unexpected onset of sudden illness or accidental injury.
    2. Out-Patient Care which are not chargeable to the MBL (such as Outpatient Services, Annual Physical Examination, Preventive Healthcare, Dental Care and other services).
  4. Similarly, our Great Value program offers our CareHealth’s unique benefit of Memorial Service Assistance, whenever and wherever needed, making available at least Fifty percent (50%) of anticipated proceeds from BOTH Term Life and Accidental Death insurance benefits.
  5. Above all, our Great Value program certainly becomes a most affordable choice for any individual, group or corporate accounts with appreciably much lower rates than other similar healthcare programs even as guaranteed medical benefits identical with our other healthcare programs remain undiminished.