Antipolo Branch

Commonly known as The Pilgrimage City, Antipolo sits atop the hilly
portions of the famous Great Sierra Mountain Range, east of Metro Manila.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is the focal site of
millions of pilgrims especially during the Pilgrimage Season which lasts
throughout the merry month of May. Locals refer to the Roman Catholic
Basilica as Simbahan ng Antipolo. It enshrines the centuries-old Marian
image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Nuestra Señora dela Paz y
Buen Viaje). Folklore has it that after continued mysterious
disappearances from the original site of the church built in 1632, the image was later found always on top of a tipolo tree. The present church was then constructed on the spot where the image was always found.

Antipolo’s name refers to that tree (ang tipolo, in Tagalog).
In early 2019, CareHealth Plus planted its seed along the street in Antipolo where the Basilica is located. In only a year’s time, that seed has become a growing tree providing necessary shade for its continuously increasing number of Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales Counselors.

CareHealth Plus-Antipolo planted its pioneering office at the FBM
Commercial Building, M.L. Quezon Avenue, San Roque, Antipolo City. The branch office is presently administered to by its charming Assistant
Branch Manager, Danica May R. Guevarra; direct supervision is provided
by her elegant Area Marketing Head, Belen F. Rodil, who orchestrates
her branch operations along with her Marketing Group Head, Noel B.
Yap, First Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for Regular Sales.

Antipolo would not be Antipolo without its highly acclaimed manga’t suman (mango & glutinous rice) and kasuy (cashew) nuts – both native delicacies offered unfailingly to pilgrims, tourists and locals alike all throughout the year. Manga’t Suman, Kasuy and the equally known waterfalls, Hinulugang Taktak, are central to the lively song “Tayo Na Sa Antipolo,” composed by a Filipino musician and contributing to the merriment and gaiety that highlight Antipolo’s magical appeal.
Tayo Na Sa Antipolo… At doo’y dumalaw tayo…

… Sa CareHealth Plus-Antipolo!!

Room 203, FBM Commercial Building, 166 Manuel L. Quezon Street, San Roque, Antipolo City
(02) 8292 1089

Assistant Branch Manager
Danica May R. Guevarra