Cabuyao Branch

It was estimated that 300 years before the birth of Christ, Malays came yearly to the Philippines. These Malays were attracted to the progress of Maynila which was the center of commerce/trade by the natives coming around the lake of Ba-i which is known today as Laguna de Bay. This place was the exchanging point of commerce and trade between the natives and the Chinese, Arabs and other Malay race. These foreign traders established their respective villages around the lake of Ba-i.

One of the biggest villages established in the western portion of the lake was “Tabuko” or “Hangganang Ilog” which means boundary in the native tongue. The natives of this village came from Malay race of Malaysia, Indonesia and Indochina. Tabuko had no definite boundary except for natural landmarks such as the mountain, hills and lake. It can be said that the boundary of “Tabuko” reached the mountain range of Sungay at the west, Mt. Makiling at the south, the lake of Ba-i at the east and the large track of quicksand at Tunasan it the north.





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