Koronadal Branch

Officially known as the City of Koronadal or Koronadal City, it is interchangeably  called  Marbel

CareHealth Plus Systems International, Inc. opened its doors to Koronadal City in early 2017 with its pioneering Branch Manager Ofelia A. AustriaCareHealth Plus-Koronadal has its offices at the 2nd Floor, CSA-2, Alunan Avenue with email address koronadal@carehealthplus.com. 

Care & Operations Assistant Lovely G. Morales ascertains efficient coordination with accredited medical service providers Allah Valley Medical Center, The Doctors Clinic & Hospital (Formerly Arturo P. Pingoy Medical Center), Shiloh Diagnostic Laboratory, Healthstat Diagnostic Laboratory (Formerly St. John Paul Diagnostic Laboratory).

2nd Floor, CSA 2, Alunan Avenue, Koronadal City


Branch Manager
Ofelia A. Austria
Care & Operations Assistant
Lovely G. Morales, RN
Diagnostic Centers