Lucena Branch

Alternatively known as the “Cocopalm City of the South” and “The
Gateway to the South,” Lucena has undergone name-changes through
the years – from Buenavista to Oroquieta to Cotta, before it finally became Lucena.

Lucena is a recognized top producer of numerous oil-based
household products – cooking oil, lard, margarine, soap and medicines.
Business enterprises and activities in both retail and wholesale trade
continue to mushroom in Lucena. Being the capital city of Quezon
province, Lucena is host to most government agencies, businesses,banks
and service facilities in the Southern Tagalog region.

Lucena City is now host to CareHealth Plus Systems International, Inc.
CareHealth Plus opened its branch office in Lucena last 2018 with its
pioneer and present Branch Manager, Ricardo Porte. The branch holds
office at Unit 204, 2nd Floor, Unson Building along Quezon Avenue corner Rizal St. with email address Able
administrative support is provided by Care & Operations Assistant (COA)
Ma. Kristina M. Li. The Branch is under the aegis of South Luzon Division Head Senior Assistant Vice President Jojo Reyes.

Advanced medical services as well as healthcare needs are standard
capabilities of medical institutions and diagnostic facilities available in the city and its environs. St. Anne General Hospital along Gomez Street
leads in such medical requirements of CareHealth Plus members.
Lucena is likewise known for its native coconut products including the famous lambanog (local vodka) which is presently exported internationally. Other common products from Lucena are the handcrafted buntal hats and the delicious Tinapa (smoked fish).

Local delicacies are bannered by the succulent chami (a noodle dish) and the equally savory minukmok (pounded cassava or banana, cooked with milk, sugar and margarine.)

The Dalahican fish port is another business hub in Lucena to buy fresh
seafood such as gulyasan (striped tuna) and tambakol (yellowfin tuna).

Unit 204, 2nd Floor, Unson Building, Quezon Avenue corner Rizal Street, Lucena City


Branch Manager
Ricardo Porte
Care & Operations Assistant
Ma. Kristina M. Li
Diagnostic Centers