Rosales Branch

It is widely believed that the name Rosales came from the word rosal which is a name of a flower that was known to be abundant in the area. However, Spanish records revealed that Rosales was originally a ranchera founded by a pioneering Filipino named Nicolas Bañez. It was declared a pueblo in 1852. The place was named in honor of Don Antonio Rosales Liberal, a man noted for his rectitude, industry, and learning. He is also an Order of the Royal Audiencia in Manila and a Consejero de Filipinas en el Ministro de Ultramar (Secretary of Foreign Affairs) during that time.


2nd Floor, Alvarado Building, 420 West Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan
(075) 637 6370

Area Marketing Head
Elly Neil M. Ancheta
Care & Operations Assistant
Mary Jean M. Sison, RN
Diagnostic Centers