Zamboanga Branch

“Quetal Ustedes?” (How are you?) –  This is the traditional Chavacano greeting for the first-time visitor to Zamboanga City, interchangeably known as Asia’s Latin City, “City of Flowers”, and “Sardines Capital of the Philippines”.  It is the source of the mouth-watering “curacha”, the famed exotic dish of hybrid deep sea red crab and spiny lobster found only in the deep sea of Zamboanga. 

Welcome then to “Zamboanga Hermosa” or Beautiful Zamboanga – home to one of the present Fifty (50) branches of our CareHealth Plus Systems International, Inc.!

Situated along the western tip of the Mindanao mainland, Zamboanga City opened its doors to CareHealth Plus in the first week of February 2016, two weeks before the city celebrated its historic “Dia de Zamboanga” (Day of Zamboanga) in February 26, its City Charter day.

 CareHealth Plus maintains its offices at the 3rd Floor of the Jazmin Towers, along Mayor Jaldon corner Buenavista Sts., some 300 meters away from the city proper. 

Led by its dedicated Branch Manager, Erlan M. Mariano, CareHealth Plus-Zamboanga continues paving the healthy way of life for all Zamboanguenos, supported by its equally committed sales team of 4 Sales Agency Managers, 11 Sales Group Managers and 41 Sales Counselors.   CareHealth Plus-Zamboanga is under the direct supervision of its Marketing Division Head, Mr. Magi M. Martinez.

Sir Erlan’s sales network laid notice to its growing strength exactly a year ago in July 2016 when the branch first breached the million mark in sales by delivering P1.9Million in Total Credited Production.  With the recent launching of our company’s novel “Care And Share (CASH) Program”, CareHealth Plus-Zamboanga resumes sharing its vaunted CareHealth Benefits with all Chavacanos and other indigenous groups of “Asia’s Latin City”, home to the city’s patroness Nuestra Senora del Pilar and venue of the famed October Hermosa Festival.


3rd Floor, Room 302, Jasmin Tower Building, Mayor Jaldon corner Buenavista Streets, Zamboanga City
(062) 957 3466

Area Marketing Head
Erlan M. Mariano
Area Marketing Consultant
Gilbert Cafino
Care & Operations Assistant
Merme I. Sabal, RN
Rovilyn A. Taguba
Diagnostic Centers