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Last updated on August 5, 2020

Bacolod City’s Masskara Festival reverberates every month of October. This year 2018 the “happiest and most colorful festival in the Philippines” culminated last October 28, the fourth Sunday of the month. Since its inception in October 19, 1980 the Masskara Festival showcases a month-long celebration of merry-making, street parties, parades, concerts, food fests and other activities drawing tourists and visitors to Bacolod, “The City of Smiles.”

Branch Manager Ed Colmenares

Two devastating events in 1980 brought the city down to its knees: the economic downfall of the sugar industry during the year’s first quarter and in April, the “Titanic-like” tragic sinking of the Negros Navigation’s M/S Don Juan where more than 700 lives were lost, including the family of then City Mayor Jose Montalvo. The ‘double tragedy’ was considered to be one of the darkest times in the city’s history.

Pres. GMM Rallying Bacolod-nons
of CareHealth Plus

Bacolod-nons however refused to be cowed into submission.  With characteristic resilience, Bacolod-nons rose up to the occasion and conceived a unique celebration for its October 19, 1980 City Charter Day – during which the MassKara Festival-Bacolod was first introduced in order to bring back the smiles among the locals who were affected by the economic downturns of the sugar industry and the sad fate of Negrenses in the ill-fated Don Juan sinking.

Pres. GMM with VP M. Martinez,
Bm Ed Colmenares, COA Mari Lai and Sales Managers

Wikipedia says that “Masskara” was derived from the English word “mass” meaning “many or multitude of people” and the Spanish word “cara” meaning “face”. It was how MassKara came to mean “face of the masses or a multitude of smiling faces.” The Masskara festival transformed Bacolod into what we now know as the “City of Smiles.”

The sales activities continue to be orchestrated by Bacolod’s pioneer Branch Manager,Edgardo Colmenares, with the fullest support of the company’s Care & Operations Assistant, Mari Lai Rosari T. Mondala.

One of Regular sales meetings with Sales Managers and Associates presided over by BM Colmenares

With the branch’s Division Head and Vice President, Magi M. Martinez, Bacolod resolutely faces the challenge of making it to one of the Top 10 branches nationwide.

Well-deserved snacks during special meeting
with Pres. GMM and SVP Ronald Acolola

Rooms 219-220, 2nd Floor Del Rio II Building, San Agustin Street Bacolod City
Contact Nos.
(034) 432 6618

Branch Manager
Edgardo L. Colmenares
Care & Operations Assistant
Mari Lai Rosari T. Mondala, RN

Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital
| 5th Floor, Executive Building, Riverside Medical Center, B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
The Doctors Hospital Inc.
| B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City
Dr. Gumersindo Garcia Sr. Memorial Hospital
| Guanzon St., Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental
South Bacolod General Hospital and Medical Center, Inc.
| Araneta Ave, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Immaculate Conception Health Center
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