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Last updated on August 5, 2020

Locals call him “Tata Usting.” Such is their term of endearment for their beloved Patron Saint. Home to “Tata Usting” is the St. Augustine Parish Church, the town’s prominent piece of Baroque architecture with its gigantic bell tower.

By Judgefloro – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Baliwag or Baliuag(take your pick!) in the province of Bulacan is an idyllic place to be in. Aside from its rich culture and picture-perfect tourist attractions, Baliwag welcomes the visitor with its awesome gigantic Bell Tower Clock, in the very center of the town. Baliwag is equally famous for its unique Buntal Hat and Thai-Silk weaving products along with rare cigar cases, piña fibers, petates (mats) and Sillas de Bejucos (cane chairs). The town is known as the Buntal Hat Capital of the Philippines.

Buntal Hat By Ramon FVelasquez – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

“Tata Usting” welcomed CareHealth Plus to his beloved hometown when CareHealth Plus-Baliuag opened in the last quarter of 2016.Located along the main Benigno S. Aquino avenue, CareHealth Plus-Baliuag holds its offices at Stall 2-H, PVR Building in Bagong Nayon, Baliuag with office landline (044) 767 7398. The place is in-between the national Doña Remedios Trinidad highway, and the town’s acknowledged center where “Tata Usting” resides in the St. Augustine Parish Church fronting the Bell Tower Clock.

CareHealth Plus-Baliuag is administered by its two Registered Nurses, the comely Branch Manager, Cassie Laine A. Robles, RN ably assisted by the equally charming Mabelle C. Gregorio, RN. The branch’s consistent marketing efforts in delivering sizeable sales volume, are visible from the totally dedicated Baliuag-Carers – Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales Counselors – holding the fort for CareHealth Plus. The closely-knit organization is under the aegis of Assistant Vice President Dindo Mollo, Jr., reporting directly to Vice President Magi M. Martinez, Division Head.

Baliuag Carers. Branch Manager Cassie Laine Robles (Standing, 1st Left), Sales Agency Manager Dina Banasig (2nd from Left), Sales Agency Manager Adora Reyes (4th from Left). Not in photo: SAM Mary Ann Cumaual.

Duly accredited medical providers – hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, physicians – abound in Baliuag and its neighboring towns.

Sales Training Seminar at Branch conducted by Branch Manager Cassie Laine Robles.

The future looks bright, indeed, after CareHealthPlus has planted its seed in Baliuag, known as the center of commerce and industry in the province.
On why the town came to be known as “Baliwag,” the following excerpts lifted verbatim from Google explain in detail:

The Lumang Municipio Building (Old Municipal Hall), presently the Baliuag Museum & Library.

“The Spaniards introduced and influenced Christianity among Filipinos and have built a lot of Catholic churches. One of these was established in Quingua (now Plaridel) of which, Baliwag was a cabecerria or barangay of it with no definite name (cabecerria or barangay is the modern-day barrio).

Due to lack of transportation, the inhabitants of Baliwag tend to walk or ride a banca to get all the way to Quingua, a distance of nine kilometers, in order to hear Sunday and feast day masses. Because of this, the religious churchgoers from Baliwag often came late for mass. The consistent habit of tardiness became the butt of jokes among the people of Quingua that whenever they saw a group of folks coming from Baliwag, they would mockingly say, “Eto na ang maliliwag” (“Here comes the slowpokes.”) or if the latecomer was alone, they would usually say, “Eto na si Ba Liwag” (“Ba” is a provincial title of respect for a man). The derogatory term “maliwag” (or Baliwag) clung that even the Spanish “cura” would announce from the pulpit in reference to the people of Baliwag. Through the years, the name Baliwag has evolved and by this appellation, the town became known.”

Now, we know.

Welcome to Baliuag! Welcome to CareHealth Plus-Baliuag!

St. Augustine Parish Church, one of 11 pilgrimage churches in the province of Bulacan.,_Bulacan#/media/File:BaliuagChuchjf5953_05.JPG (Ramon FVelasquez – Own work)

PVR Building, 2nd Floor, Annex 1-E, Benigno S. Aquino Avenue, Bagong Nayon, Baliuag City, Bulacan
Contact Nos.
(044) 767 7398

Branch Manager
Cassie A. Robles
Care & Operations Assistant
Mabelle C. Gregorio, RN

Sacred Heart Hospital
(044) 794 4744| Ginhawa Subdivision, Malolos, Bulacan
Romel Cruz Hospital
(044) 7913025| Brgy. Matimbo, Malolos Bulacan
Nazarenus College and Hospital Foundation Inc.
(044) 840 7949| MacArthur Highway, Marilao, Bulacan.
Dr Yanga’s Hospital
(044) 692 5307| 252 Bocaue Town Proper Rd, Bocaue, Bulacan
De Jesus General Hospital
(044) 766 7008| B.S. Aquino Ave., Baliuag, Bulacan
Castro Maternity and Medical Center
(044) 766 1462| Mariano Ponce St., Baliuag, Bulacan