Cabuyao Branch

Last updated on August 5, 2020

It was formerly known as the “richest municipality in the Philippines.”    Now a city, Cabuyao takes pride in several monickers:  The City of Modern Factories, The Enterprise City of the Philippines, Next Wave City, The Home of the Legendary Kampanang Ginto, Golden Bell City.

The city’s unique motto will certainly ring a bell – “Isang Kabuyaw, Isang Pananaw.”  (An aside:  did you know that the native Tagalog word for “bell” is “batingaw?”  It would rhyme phonetically well with the city’s motto.)

The vast tracts of land surrounding Cabuyao have been responsible for the city being home to various business concerns in the manufacturing, industrial and commercial enterprises earning for itself the unique appellation The Enterprise City of the Philippines.   

CareHealth Plus made its home in the business district of the city.

CareHealth Plus-Cabuyao holds office at Unit 10, 2nd Floor, Lim Bell Business Center, 17 J.P. Rizal Street, Cabuyao City with email address   The branch is the acknowledged base of operations for the enthusiastic and undauntable Myla L. Carreon, Area Marketing Manager for Laguna North.   Under her wings are the nearby branches of CareHealth Plus in San Pedro and Santa Rosa.  Assisting her in covering the expansive commercial and  industrial estates in her Laguna turf is Area Marketing Consultant Cristian V. Elago.   Overall supervision and guidance for Laguna North are effectively made by   Marketing Group Head Raffy Ibarreta, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer-Direct Marketing.

Unit 10, 2nd Floor, Lim Bell Business Center 17 J.P Rizal Street, Cabuyao City

Area Marketing Head
Myla L. Carreon

Global Medical Center-Cabuyao
(049) 5445812, 5445952| Brgy. Banlic, Cabuyao, Laguna
Holy Rosary of Cabuyao Hospital
| FB Bailon St., Cabuyao, Laguna
Global Medical Center
5445952|(049) 5445812| Brgy. Banlic, Cabuyao, Laguna
First Cabuyao and Medical Center
(049) 559 8090| Purok 6, Cabuyao, 4025 Laguna