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Last updated on August 5, 2020

Calamba Giant Water Clay Pot

According to folklore, Calamba derived its name from the Filipino phrase “kalan-banga,” in reference to an earthen jar in use during the early years.  Tagalog phonetics pronounced the phrase as “kalam-banga” further shortening it into the colloquial “Kalamba,” which subsequently became the present “Calamba.”

Calamba is the birthplace of our National Hero, Jose P. Rizal.  The family’s ancestral house is now a national heritage museum containing historic  memorabilia from the hero’s life-events.  

Rizal Shrine – National Heritage Museum

CareHealth Plus-Calamba saw its birth in the city of Calamba in early 2016.  Pioneer Branch Manager Christian Emmanuel O. Almeida trailblazed the company’s path in the recruitment and training of the initial batch of the branch sales team.  CareHealth Plus-Calamba soon laid the foundation for its present office in the center of the city’s acclaimed melting-pot district, specifically at CMC Tower 1 Old Building in the heart of Calamba Crossing along the National Highway in Barangay Real, Calamba City.  The progressive thrusts made by the branch soon necessitated the installation of a new Branch Manager, Dr. Ma. Cristina I. Aragones, MD.   In turn, Mr. Almeida took greater responsibilities as Area Marketing Manager overseeing no less than three other branches.

Known as the “Richest City in Calabarzon” and considered as one of the “Next Wave Cities” owing to an abundance of outsourcing firms in the city, Calamba derives major income from manufacturing and economic plants, tourism (hot spring resorts and water parks), agriculture and other services.  These provide latent opportunities for CareHealth Plus-Calamba to tap Group Businesses for which the branch Area Marketing Consultant, Roel T. Diva, Jr. has his hands full.   The constant flow of sales and marketing activities as well as the demand for medical services of Members constantly necessitate the dedicated attention of the branch’s two Care & Operations Assistants, Janet T. Valeriano and Mary Rose B. Antonio, RN.

CareHealth Plus-Calamba continues to be a topnotch branch under the supervision of South Luzon Division Head, Jojo Reyes, Senior Assistant Vice President.  Providing guidance in overall marketing and administrative activities is Marketing Group Head Raffy Ibarreta, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. 

Room 1202, CMC Tower 1 Old Building, Calamba Crossing National Highway, Real, Calamba City
Contact Nos.
(049) 536 1379

Area Marketing Head
Christian Emmanuel O. Almeida
Branch Manager
Ma. Cristina I. Aragones
Care & Operations Assistant
Janet T. Valeriano
Mary Rose B. Antonio

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