Corporate Center

Last updated on February 6, 2020

A hermitage is frequently known as a hidden place where hermits live.  A hermitage is a concealed shelter or private place of residence.  In Spanish, hermitage is ermita.  It is from this Hispanic word that present-day Ermita took its name.  Wikitravel confirms that during the Spanish times, the 16th-century image of Nuestra Señora de Guia was once enshrined in a hermitage on the site of today’s Ermita Church.  Until the present day,  the historic image remains to be enshrined in the small church of the Archdiocesan Shrine of Nuestra Señora de Guia located along M. H. del Pilar St. fronting what we now know as the Plaza de Guia. 

Ermita District is a bustling commercial area in downtown Manila, the capital of the Philippines.  It is bounded in the North by the Luneta or Rizal Park, in the East by Taft Avenue, in the South by Quirino Avenue and in the West by the scenic Manila Bay with the US Embassy on the foreground.   Set amid the hustle and bustle of Ermita’s affluent Tourist Belt of Manila is the unique 14-storey Ermita Center Building which houses the Corporate Offices of CAREHEALTH PLUS SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL, INC. 

CareHealth Plus-Corporate Offices stand out as a new face in the crowd of financial commerce and industry along with major commercial and private banks, the PAGCOR gaming giant, SM-Manila, Robinsons’ Galleria, Avenue of the Arts building, de luxe hotels, a slew of restaurants serving a variety of international cuisine, glitzy lounging/videoke bars, chains of top fast-food restos – all these up for grabs and ready for the picking  by discriminating businessmen, casino aficionados, local and international tourists on a 24/7 accommodation. 

CareHealth Plus-Corporate Offices occupy major spaces in Three (3) Floors of the posh Ermita Center at the Ground, 5th and 11th Floors. 

The Ground Floor presents a stylish office design as it welcomes Members and visitors to CareHealth’s 24-hours Hotline medical assistance frontliners. 

The 5th Floor is a beehive of administrative activities with an intricate web of key departments for backroom services – Accounting, Audit, Finance, New Business, Agency & Membership Accounts, Medical Providers & Billings, Information Technology (IT) Services, In-House Marketing Agencies (from Manila & Cavite branches).

The Executive Offices occupy the 11th Floor where CareHealth’s nerve-center holds sway with the presence of the company’s Senior Officers; the classy Board Room is thus situated here. Regular meetings of the Management and Marketing Committees take place in this Executive Floor.  As the day ends, a panoramic view of the Manila Bay with its highly acclaimed enchanting sunset provides a welcome breather from management’s pressing concerns.  The Head Office Sales Training Room completes the dynamic set-up for the Executive Floor. 

CareHealth Plus-Corporate Offices welcome You.  Better still, join us so that together we can pledge our “Trust in the PLUS of CareHealth Plus”!!