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Last updated on August 5, 2020

P’gsalabuk Circle Rotonda  (Marwan Khan – Own work. The Dipolog Rotonda at Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte.)

Its previous name was Tulwanan, literally meaning “a settlement by the river” in the native (Subanen) dialect.   The place is now called Dipolog and it is bordered by the Sulu Sea to its north and by panoramic rolling hills to the southeast.    

Dipolog City is also referred to as the “Gateway to Western Mindanao.”  It is more popularly known as the “Bottled Sardines Capital of the Philippines.”  This latter recognition springs from the rich off-shore fishing, fishing grounds and fishponds which characterize a major part of the community’s livelihood.  Fish production from at least 56 fish species spurred the sardine industry ahead of agri-based investments along with livestock production, wholesale and retail trade, commerce and tourism services. 

The City’s motto is Explore Dipolog.   As far back as 2017, CareHealth Plus started exploring opportunities in the city’s indubitable requirements for health-consciousness in the diverse communities populating the city.  CareHealth Plus – Dipolog confidently opened its branch office at the 2nd Floor, VL Salon Building, Echavez Street, Dipolog City with email address dipologbranch@carehealthplus.com.    Assistant Branch Manager Cheder Calvento maintains a positive outlook for the slow-but-sure growth of the branch, considering the unending recruitment, training and maintenance of an efficient sales team of Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales Counselors bannering the Company’s head start in the locality’s HMO concerns.   CareHealth Plus – Dipolog’s sales team envisions to exemplify “togetherness” – a core virtue of the city itself depicted in its “Fountain of Blessings.”

Dipolog City’s distinctive “Fountain of Blessings” at the P’gsalabuk Circle along its Estaka-Turno road junction is symbolic of the diverse cultures of the tri-people of Mindanao raising together a bowl in a gesture of thanksgiving for blessings received along with bountiful harvests amid an environment of continuing peace and prosperity.   P’gsalabuk is a native Lumad term which means “togetherness.”   (Source: Wikipedia) 

CareHealth Plus – Dipolog is closely guided by Division Head Tony Lamason with Marketing Group Head, Magi M. Martinez, Vice President. 

3rd Floor, VL Salon Building , Echavez Street, Dipolog City
Contact Nos.
(065) 918 0099

Assistant Branch Manager
Cheder Calvento

Ospital ng Kabataan ng Dipolog
| P. Ramon St., Dipolog City
Dipolog Medical Center
| Fr. Nicasio Y. Patangan Road,Sta. Filomena, Dipolog City