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Last updated on August 5, 2020

Roxas Boulevard facing Manila Bay
Waiting for serendipity – Own work Roxas Blvd stretching through Manila Bay
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As one of three branch offices housed at the Corporate Offices of CareHealth Plus in Ermita Center, CareHealth Plus-Head Office marches on as a progressive marketing team since its inception in 2016 when it was based originally at the L & S Building, a block away from Ermita Center. CareHealth Plus-Head Office presently holds sway at the 12th Floor of the Ermita Center, directly overlooking the impressive stretch of Roxas Boulevard along historic Manila Bay.

Area Marketing Manager Mark Anthony C. Arciga overlooks the welfare of CareHealth Plus-Head Office. Assistant Branch Manager Vladimir C. Macalanda faithfully keeps tab of the branch’s activities from sales manpower resources in their recruitment, training & development as well as sales meetings.

Group business and corporate sales are a standard mandate for
Area Marketing Consultant Judgith Bade.

The acknowledged ease of access to Head Office departments is understandably an edge for the branch. This constantly assures the branch sales team and leadership of immeasurable support in sales and marketing activities.

AMM Mark says it all for the branch with the cheer —
“H.O. – Here We Go!”

12th Floor, Ermita Center Building, 1350 Roxas Boulevard Ermita, Manila

Area Marketing Head
Mark Anthony A. Arciga
Assistant Branch Manager
Vladimir C. Macalanda
Area Marketing Consultant
Judgith Bade