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Last updated on August 5, 2020

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Popularly known as Marbel, Koronadal is the capital of the province of South Cotabato.   Koronadal City is one of the two cities in Mindanao where majority of the citizens are ethnic Hiligaynons (Ilonggos) who comprise 95% of the city’s population.  Among others, the city is nicknamed “Ilonggo City of Mindanao.”

Recognized as the most business friendly city in Mindanao, Koronadal celebrates its Cityhood Charter Anniversary on October 8 with a “Negosyo Festival” highlighting the city’s business spirit and economic vitality.   

CareHealth Plus unhesitatingly imbibed that same spirit and set up its CareHealth Plus – Koronadal branch office at the 2nd Floor, CSA 2, Alunan Avenue, Koronadal City with email address koronadalbranch@carehealthplus.com.  At the helm of the branch is a business-minded Branch Manager, Ofelia A. Austria, who continues to recruit, train and organize the branch’s sales personnel, dedicated to share the company’s vision of Total Lifecare for All with the health-conscious community.  Care & Operations Assistant Lovely G. Morales ascertains smooth administrative services for the branch’s sales personnel.  Medical concerns are likewise attended to by COA Lovely at any time of need of Members.  Proper guidance in branch operations rests on Area Marketing Manager Ronald M. Rendon

A wide and deep market for healthcare awareness provides a challenge to CareHealth Plus – Koronadal.  This may be the sole initiative for the branch to delve deep into the culture, strength and unity of Koronadal’s diverse ethnic groups living in the region.  The harmony and unity of these groups are symbolized by one of various City Festivals, the T’nalak Festival, showcasing native apparels of the B’laan. T’boli and other tribal groups blending in harmony with other settlers in Mindanao.

T’nalak Festival  (mark navales – T’ boli dance during colorful street dancing competition on 9th T’ NALAK Festival in Koronadal, South Cotabato  CC BY 2.0 File:T’nalak Festival T’boli.jpg Created: 17 July 2008)

2nd Floor, CSA 2, Alunan Avenue, Koronadal City

Branch Manager
Ofelia A. Austria
Care & Operations Assistant
Lovely G. Morales, RN

Surallah Community Hospital
(083) 238 3049| 674 Rosal Street, Libertad, Surallah, South Cotabato
The Doctors Clinic and Hospital (Formerly Arturo P. Pingoy Medical Center)
| Gensan Drive, Zone IV, Koronadal City, South Cotabato
Allah Valley Medical Center
| M.C. Purok Villegas, Gen Santos Drive, Koronadal City