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Last updated on August 5, 2020

Various monickers are attributed to the capital city of the province of Quezon in South Luzon:  LC, Biofuel City, Cocopalm City of the South, The Gateway to the South, Entertainment Capital of Southern Luzon.  All refer interchangeably to Lucena, a highly urbanized capital city serving as regional center to governmental agencies, commercial trade and industrial businesses including financial service facilities in the Southern Tagalog region.  With its wide expanse of coconut lands, Lucena’s coconut oil mills generate oil-based household products like cooking oil, soap, lard, margarine, and oil based medicines.  Big factories and warehouses abound in the city’s suburban districts – San Miguel BreweryCoca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc.PepsiCo Philippines, Inc.Asia Brewery, Inc. Nestlé Philippines, and Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

Pasayahan_sa_Lucena_2013_Street_Dance_Competition Contingent (from Wikipedia)

Amid the hustle and bustle of the city’s trade and commerce, Lucena finds time to celebrate in thanksgiving its bounty and prosperity through the unique Pasayahan sa Lucena, a mardi gras-style gathering and parade showcasing a week-long spirited merrymaking amid colorful floats and long lines of costumed dance-contingents marching and dancing merrily along  the city streets.   The festival occurs every merry month of May.

Highlighting the entire celebration is the traditional Chami Festival featuring Lucena’s native pansit delicacy.  The cookfest is an earnest contest among local chefs churning out the most delicious chami.  After the cooking, the spectators are given a chance to eat for free the different tastes of the local chami.   (Source: Wikipedia)

Lucena City serves as a gateway to the Bicol Peninsula, farther down south of the city.  In the city’s center proudly stands  CareHealth Plus-Lucena branch office, situated at Unit 204, 2nd Floor, Unson Building along the city’s main Quezon Avenue (corner Rizal Street) with email address   This is where Branch Manager Ricardo Porte holds sway, assisted by the branch Care & Operations Assistant Ma. Kristina M. Li, RN. 

As with all branches of the company, CareHealth Plus-Lucena boasts of duly accredited medical service providers as private and public hospitals along with medical and diagnostic facilities abound in the city.

Along with its dedicated sales team of Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales Counselors, CareHealth Plus-Lucena operates under the direct supervision of South Luzon Division Head & Senior Assistant Vice President Jojo Reyes.  Farther up the management ladder is Marketing Group Head Raffy Ibarreta, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer.

Unit 204, 2nd Floor, Unson Building, Quezon Avenue corner Rizal Street, Lucena City

Branch Manager
Ricardo Porte
Care & Operations Assistant
Ma. Kristina M. Li

St. Anne General Hospital
(042) 7103506| P. Gomez Ext., Brgy. Ibabang Dupay, Red V, Lucena City, Quezon
United Candelaria Doctors Hospital
(042) 585 2114| Maharlika Highway, Candelaria, Quezon
Rakkk Prophet Medical Center, Inc.
(042) 317 7857| Gumaca, Quezon
Most Holy Rosary Hospital
(042) 3025255| San Jose St., Lopez, Quezon