Marilao Branch

Last updated on August 4, 2020

Marilao in the province of Bulacan is a highly urbanized 1st class municipality adjacent to and lying at the northwestern borders of Metro Manila.

Folklore has it that the name Marilao symbolizes the Philippine flower “Halamang Dilaw” which grew abundantly in the place during the early years. Local natives thus called the place “Marilaw.” The Halamang Dilaw Festival of Marilao somehow perpetuates the town’s colorful beginnings.

CareHealth Plus began to plant and nurture the seed of healthcare in Marilao’s community putting up its CareHealth Plus – Marilao branch office at the 3rd Floor, Rooms E & F, RCH Building along MacArthur Highway, Marilao, Bulacan with email address Care & Operations Assistant Glaiza L. Manaysay efficiently coordinates branch activities with an equally dedicated Branch Manager Arnel B. Bengan who ascertains hands-on supervision of marketing and sales operations in tandem with Assistant Vice President Khandido “Dindo” R. Mollo, Jr.

CareHealth Plus – Marilao operates under the aegis of Marketing Group Head Magi M. Martinez, Vice President.

3rd Floor, Rooms E & F RCH Building, MacArthur Highway

Care & Operations Assistant
Glaiza L. Manaysay