Nasugbu Branch

Last updated on August 4, 2020

Even for most Filipinos, Nasugbu town is an insignificant dot in
the map of Southern Luzon’s Batangas province. For those in the
know, however, Nasugbu is a natural haven and a bustling tourist
spot focused on its coastline beaches. As a first class
municipality, Nasugbu is likewise strengthened by its agro-
industrial industry involved as it is in feed mills, meat processing
and poultry-growing. Agriculture churns out sugarcane, rice, corn,
vegetables, coconut and fruits. Of Nasugbu’s main industries, the
Central Azucarera Don Pedro is known as one of the country’s
largest sugar producers.

Indeed, the outlook looks bright for Nasugbu’s economic horizon.
Sensing successful economic prospects in the locality,
CareHealth Plus seized its opportunity and with optimism
established CareHealth Plus-Nasugbu branch office in the latter
part of 2018.

As pioneer Branch Manager, Edna P. Maligaya expresses
confidence in the company’s bold step of harnessing Nasugbu’s
resources in the build-up of sales manpower proffering health-
consciousness among the town’s local community and the
growing number of visitors and tourists.
CareHealth Plus-Nasugbu prominently holds office at the 2nd
Floor of the Sandoval Building along J.P. Rizal Street, Daang
Kawad, Nasugbu, Batangas with email address The branch office is efficiently
manned by Care & Operations Assistant Sophia Naomi L.
Tala, RN, who assists in ascertaining the fulfillment of services for
Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales

Such attentive fulfillment is likewise satisfied for Members who require services from the branch’s medical service

CareHealth Plus-Nasugbu is one of the present nine (9) branch
offices in Southern Luzon under the hands-on supervision of
South Luzon’s Division Head, Jojo Reyes, Senior Assistant
Vice President. The Division operates under the aegis of
Marketing Group Head, Raffy Ibarreta, Senior Vice President
& Chief Marketing Officer.

(Did you know?) Nasugbu’s Central Azucarera Don Pedro is
touted as one of the largest sugar milling companies in the
Philippines. Not surprisingly, the production of sweets is a
significant portion of the local economy. Nasugbugueños take
pride in their wide variety of sweets, such as sweetened yam,
sweetened coconut and similar other products. In addition,
Nasugbu is the only town in Luzon which hosts
a bibingkahan (rice cake area) in its public market, featuring no
less than 10 kinds of glutinous rice cakes made only in Nasugbu.

2nd Floor, Sandoval Building 362 J.P Laurel St., Daang Kawad, Nasugbu, Batangas

Branch Manager
Edna P. Maligaya
Care & Operations Assistant
Sophia Naomi L. Eala