Roxas City Branch

Last updated on August 5, 2020

Blessings of Roxas City Branch officiated by Capiz Archbishop Jose Advincula, DD

CareHealth Plus – ROXAS City Branch Office Known locally and internationally as “The Seafood Capital of the Philippines”,Roxas City is the capital city of Capiz, one of four (4) provinces in the island of Panay, the others being Iloilo, Antique and Aklan. Previously established as the Municipality of Capiz, “Roxas City” was chartered on May 12, 1951 and was named after President Manuel Acuña Roxas, the First President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Capiz Archbishop Jose Advincula (2nd from Left) with President and CEO GM Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer Noel B. Yap and guests

Unknown to most, Roxas City has become the “Logistics Hub of Northern Panay” owing to its dramatic transformation in its business landscape, serving as a commercial haven for giant business ventures and local development enclaves in the entire Region VI, in Western Visayas. Living up to its signature moniker of “The Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, Roxas City takes pride in its abundance of wide varieties of seafood – fish (fresh and dried), crabs, prawns, shrimps, squid and shellfish. Its well-known favorite shellfish is the succulent “diwal” (locally known as “angel wings” shellfish (scientific name:“Pholas Orientalis”), which unfortunately has lost its year-long obtainability, making it presently as rare as gold.

CareHealth Plus President and CEO Geoffrey M. Martinez speaks duribng Sales meeting with Roxas City Branch Sales Team

Roxas City is one of the pioneering branches of CareHealth Plus Systems International, Inc. The branch initiated its operations with the soft launching of CareHealth Plus products in November 2015, during which it surprisingly turned in an astounding and hefty 3,309,145 TCP! From then onwards, CareHealth Plus-Roxas City branch remains as one of the more outstanding branches nationwide, under the competent leadership of its charming pioneer Branch Manager, Mina Grace L. Martinez. The branch holds office at the 2nd Floor, Room 21, Capiz Government Business Center, San Roque St., Roxas City, with Office Landline(036) 620 3324.

An increasingly growing number of 7 Sales Agency Managers (SAM), 27 Sales Group Managers (SGM) and 170 Sales Counselors (SC) complement the branch sales team. The entire team and the branch are directly supervised by Magi M. Martinez, Marketing Division Head.In turn, the branch is supported by various local hospitals, diagnostic clinics and laboratories, backed by efficient medical service professionals (physicians and medical support teams). Availments of medical services by CareHealth Plus cardholders are facilitated through the branch Care & Operations Assistant, Evangeline dela Cruz, assisted by Agency Services Assistant, Jingle Beldia.

Roxas City Branch Sales Managers (TNT graduates) led by BM Grace martinez (sitting 5th from Left) and CareHealth Plus

The Roxas City Government and the Metro Roxas Water District (MRWD) are valued prominent groups of satisfied CareHealth Plus Cardholders in the city. Roxas City is blessed with its God-loving, peaceful and hospitably gracious people, most of whom gravitate towards their very own “Blue Cathedral”, the only unique blue-painted church in the entire Western Visayas region and a symbol of the people’s devotion and Catholic faith, effectively erasing the city’s old-fashioned and unfair tag “home of the witches”.

“Kadto na kamo tanan diri sa Roxas City!”

Cheers and MABUHAY to our CareHealth Plus-Roxas City branch!!!

2nd Floor, Room 21 Capiz Government Business Center, San Roque Street, Roxas City
Contact Nos.
(036) 620 3324

Branch Head
Mina Grace L. Martinez
Area Marketing Head
Area Marketing Consultant
Ann Jun B. Escuadra
Care & Operations Assistant
Evangeline Dela Cruz, RN
Franz Philip Almalbis, RN

The Health Centrum
| Teodorica Avenue, Banica, Roxas City
St. Anthony College of Roxas City
(036) 621 0431| San Roque Extension, Roxas City, Capiz
Capiz Emmanuel Hospital Inc
| Roxas Avenue, Roxas City
Capiz Doctors Hospital
| Fuentes Drive, Roxas City