Santiago Branch

Last updated on August 5, 2020

Situated in the southern periphery of Isabela province and approximately 330 kilometers north of Manila, Santiago City is the acknowledged hub of business and commerce in the Northeastern Luzon region.   Being the very first city in Cagayan Valley, Santiago was dubbed the “Queen City of the North.”  As a First Class City, Santiago continues to exhibit tremendous growth potential in its economy.  Southeast Asia’s biggest hydroelectric dam, the Magat Dam, is a famous landmark near Santiago.

CareHealth Plus Systems International, Inc. made its pioneering landmark in Santiago City at the start of the company’s operations in 2015.  Led by Vice President & Senior Division Head Normita P. Sahagun, the Branch is directly supervised by Senior Branch Manager Janet M. Ibay, assisted by Area Marketing Consultant Virgilio D. Ganadin, Jr. and two Care & Operations Assistants, Ma. Fatima M. Esteban and Elizabeth Olarte.  The Branch continues to hold office at Room 210, 2nd Floor, Heritage Building along Maharlika Highway, Santiago City with Office landline (078) 305-5618 and Email address

CareHealth Plus-Santiago prominently leads the pack of HMO companies in the city.  A formidable team of sales associates consistently turns in a more than creditable performance month-after-month-after-month, never missing a pulsating beat in synchronized rhythm with the Branch’s objective of outdoing itself in becoming one of CareHealth’s. “Best Among The Best”   

Not to be outdone is the equally powerful network of medical providers that proffer dedicated service to CareHealth Plus members: Cagayan Valley Adventist Hospital,Callang General Hospital & Medical Center ,De Vera Medical Center ,Flores Medical Center, Advent Medical Clinic, Prime Diagnostic Laboratories, Dr. Louella Fatima Ramos Dermatology Clinic, De Jesus Optical Clinic and Ogano Eye Plus.

Interestingly, Santiago’s original name was a far-cry from its present name.  Wikipedia confirms that when discovered by the early Spanish missionaries, Santiago was a small settlement situated at the bank of the old Carig river so that the missionaries simply named the place as Carig.   As the Spanish settled in the place, Carig was re-named Pueblo de Santiago Apostol de Carig, (Spanish for Town of Saint James the Apostle of Carig.)  It was only in the early ‘50s that the erstwhile Municipal President Vicente Carreon finally declared the place to be called Santiago, shortening the municipality’s name but adopting thereby the name of its Patron Saint.

In May 1994, Santiago was declared an independent component city.  To commemorate its cityhood, Santiago celebrates its unique Balamban Dance Festival showcasing a cultural dance depicting the graceful fluttering of butterflies swarming the city’s Dariuk Hills gardens (balamban means butterfly in Ilocano.)  The festival was originally known as the Pattaradday festival; the name means Unity in the local dialect of Ibanag. 

Room 210, 2nd Floor, Heritage Building, Maharlika Highway, Santiago City
Contact Nos.
(078) 305 5618

Senior Branch Manager
Janet M. Ibay
Area Marketing Consultant
Chester R. Marquez
Care & Operations Assistant
Ma. Fatima M. Esteban, RN
Elizabeth Olarte, RN

Flores Medical Center
(078)6828523|6826472| # 16 Abauag St, Santiago City, Isabela
De Vera Medical Center
(078) 305 2787| 9 City Road, Santiago City, Isabela
Cauayan Specialist Medical Center
(078) 652 1401| Burgos Street, District 2, Cauayan City
Cauayan Family Hospital
(078) 652 3399| National hi-way, Cauayan City
Callang General Hospital and Medical Center
(078) 682 4659| Taguinod St., Santiago City, Isabela
Cagayan Valley Adventist Hospital
(078) 305 0161| Mabini St. Santiago City, Santiago