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Last updated on August 5, 2020

Map of Davao del Norte with Tagum highlighted Source: Wikipedia

Tagumeño or Tagumenyo is demonym for the bona fide resident of Tagum City, capital of the province of Davao del Norte. Among at least six monikers given for Tagum, the most popular “Palm Tree City of the Philippines” strikes a chord.

Tagum City serves as a crosspoint in Davao del Norte between highly urban Davao City in the south and the rural eastern provinces of Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental.

On top of its being a predominantly agricultural area, Tagum City has transformed itself into a hub of economic activities through highly developed infrastructure programs and the continued influx of local and multinational commerce and industries. Tagum indeed lives up to its alternative title “The City of Golden Opportunities.”

And with unhesitating boldness, CareHealth Plus seized the opportunity, establishing as early as the company’s beginnings in 2015 a trailblazing office in Tagum’s central area.

CareHealth Plus – Tagum prominently holds office at the 2nd Floor, Room 2 of the Diocesan Clergy of Tagum Multi-Purpose Cooperative (DCT-MPC) Building along Rizal Street, Tagum City with email address tagumbranch@carehealthplus.com. As competition rages in the city’s HMO industry, Branch Manager Felimon L. Chio calmly but surely finds his way with his dedicated Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales Counselors providing full support and commitment. Equally putting on her share of dedication is Care & Operations Assistant Mary Grace G. Enerio, RN, who ascertains smooth working relationships between CareHealth Plus and its accredited hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers in the city. With his fullest determination, the ever-indefatigable Assistant Vice President & Division Head Tito B. Marcial leaves no stone unturned in guiding the branch to its fullest fruition in manpower and sales development.

Maharlika Highway – Gov. Generoso Bridge Junction to Tagum (right) and to Carmen (left) S5switch at English Wikipedia CC BY 3.0 File:Tagum carmen border.jpg Created: 6 October 2009

Trivia (from Wikipedia):

  • In 2006, Tagum became the Palm Tree City of the Philippines.
  • Tagum also holds an unofficial record for having the tallest Christmas tree in the Philippines at 153 feet tall, rivalling Puerto Princesa City’s 100 feet tall Christmas tree.
  • Tagum is also the home of the world’s biggest wooden rosary, made out of ironwood, located at the Christ The King Cathedral, also one of the region’s biggest Catholic churches.
  • Since 1999, Tagum annually hosts the Musikahan Festival aimed at showcasing the musical talents of Tagumeños, Mindanaoans and Filipinos in general. The festival draws thousands of visitors both locally and internationally. Currently, the city is the only one in the Philippines to have a direct joint agreement with Venezuela for cultural exchange, in line with the 11th Musikahan sa Tagum in 2011, thus supporting the City’s claim as The Cultural Center of Mindanao, and as affirmed by the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Music and College of Arts and Letters.

2nd Floor, Room 2 Diocesan Clergy of Tagum-Multi Purpose Cooperative (DCT-MPC) Building, Rizal Street, Tagum City
Contact Nos.
(084) 216 4175

Branch Manager
Felimon L. Chio
Care & Operations Assistant
Mary Grace Q. Enerio, RN

Tagum Doctors Hospital
| National Highway 54 Rabe Subdivision, Tagum
Rivera Medical Center
| San Francisco Panabo City, Davao Del Norte
Bishop Joseph Regan Memorial Hospital
(084) 400-3291|218-4579|218-5592| Christ the King Road, Barangay Magugpo East, Tagum City