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CAREHEALTH PLUS SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL. INC. (CareHealth Plus) is a trailblazing healthcare institution duly registered last July 3, 2015 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and fully secured with an initial authorized capitalization of P50million, currently among the highest in the HMO industry. 

Insurance Commissioner Atty. Emmanuel F. Dooc (2nd from Left) presenting the Certificate of Registration and License for CareHealth Plus Systems International, Inc. to Geoffrey M. Martinez, CareHealth Plus President & CEO (2nd from Right).  Witnessing the awarding are Atty. Florencio M. Martinez of CareHealth Plus (1st from Left) and Atty. Christine Nolasco, Chief of Staff, Insurance Commission (1st from Right).

As the HMO official regulatory body, the Insurance Commission (IC) has officially upheld CareHealth Plus as among the select number of established HMO companies in the country with the issuance of IC Certificate No. HMO-2016-15-O, attesting to our Company’s “Certificate of Registration and License To Act As A Health Maintenance Organization”. 

This IC Certificate of Registration and License has been renewed last December 29, 2016 through the issuance of IC Certificate No. HMO-2017-12-R, with a Three (3) Year Validity from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019.

 The ”PLUS” in our company’s name emblazons a pioneering concept in value-added services still left untapped in the broad spectrum of medical benefits and personal preferences offered by existing Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) in our country today.

CareHealth Plus remains undaunted with competition, deriving its strength from its Vision of Total LifeCare For All, from extended personal insurance coverages to maximum healthcare options including the presently untapped benefit for death care assistance, whenever and wherever needed.  For these reasons and more, CareHealth Plus remains to be everyone’s Choice  –  My Choice.  In healthcare and more…

IC Registration & License
IC Registration & License

The formidable organization of CareHealth Plus management specialists leaves no stone unturned in establishing a solid base of highly selected customer-friendly sales professionals in the local and international fronts of the healthcare arena.  Hand-in-hand with CareHealth Plus is a powerhouse Total LifeCare Team of superior medical institutions and avowed medical practitioners.

CareHealth Plus maintains its prestigious office address at the Ground, 11th, 12th & 14th Floors, Ermita Center Building, 1350 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila with telephone numbers (02) 247-1878 • (02) 521-9927 and its 24/7 Hotline number (02) 208-4611 and mobile phones  Globe/TM  (0977) 804-2137 and Sun/Smart (0925) 652-1927.  More detailed information about CareHealth Plus  is available from its website  along with its email address  and active Facebook account

Core Values

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Our Company Logo




Building on the foothold that our company has gained, we now come out with an emblem for CareHealth Plus, exemplifying our innovative and confident sense of identity in the HMO arena.

Our logo emblazons the symbol of an Armor – a Breastplate, so to speak – which rationalizes our company’s mandate of extending the fullest protection of our Cardholders with total healthcare services.  CareHealth Plus assumes full responsibility for the welfare of its valued individual members here and abroad.   

With our new logo, CareHealth Plus redefines its role as a healthcare company, with a big Plus and a stronger Heart; both of these symbols stand out from their surrounding white shade, prominently embossed and eminently demonstrating our company’s Vision of Total LifeCare for all, along with its Mission of Service to Fellowmen.  

The Heart and the Plus symbols inside the Armor comprise the quintessence of our Company Logo.  Our Logo, then, becomes the touchstone on which a Healthcare Company is quantified.

Guaranteeing Total LifeCare Benefits for its members, CareHealth Plus turns itself into a company of choice – My choice.  In healthcare and more.



The variety of numerous health maintenance programs in the country today rationalizes the undaunted entry of CareHealth Plus Systems International, Inc.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) in the Philippines exist for the basic purpose of catering to the felt increasing demand for health care services.  The HMO industry took on a new revolutionary concept with the introduction of the Expanded Healthcare Programs.  With the same confidence, the pioneers behind this revolutionary concept now espouse a fresh mandate to further trailblaze the presently untapped resources in the HMO arena.  

Veering away from the traditional healthcare programs, CareHealth Plus reprises its role as a healthcare company, but this time, with a Plus.  

Our company’s raison d’etre is drawn from its Vision of Total LifeCare opportunities for all Filipino families nationwide and worldwide.   In turn, our company’s Mission says it all:  CareHealth Plus is committed to provide optimum LifeCare benefits through maximum coverages in life insurance, flexible savings schemes, customer-driven health care maintenance programs extending to members the broad values of full assistance in memorial service requirements.

CareHealth Plus assumes full responsibility for the welfare of its valued individual members here and abroad.  

Guaranteeing Total LifeCare Benefits for its members, CareHealth Plus turns itself into a company of choice – My Choice.  In healthcare and more…