GreatValue Program

Our GreatValue Program Package is a first of its kind renewable healthcare plan available for Group/Corporate in the industry today which includes the following benefits and features:

  • Our GreatValue is designed as a short term investment that limits your obligation to (1) one year renewable saving plan
  • It guarantees you of not more that (10) ten percent renewal rate only if necessary notwithstanding utilization the previous year
  • GreatValue retains CareHealth Plus’ insurance coverage for our client within the ages of (7) Seven – (65) Sisty Five years old on top of the 10% payment refund upon the untimely demise of the member
  • Similarly, our GreatValue offers our CareHealth Plus’ maximum comprehensive healthcare coverage, including the unique benefit of memorial service assistance, wherever and whenever needed
  • PLUS a multitude of felxibility benefits which includes; Transferrable & Terminable (Cash Values Guaranted)
  • Above all, our GreatValue certainly becomes the most affordable choice for everyone since healthcare benefits identical with our Care&Share remains undiminished for as low as 25 pesos per day