OptimumCare Program

The Extended OptimumCare Program is a unique HMO program that limits your obligation to a five year saving period. It offers a one of a kind LifeCare program in the industry which enables the Cardholder to build up gradually a family health care fund while enjoying optimum LifeCare benefits which consists, among others, the following benefits and features:

  • Guards you from any price increases through a 5-year saving plan with a level premium for 5 years.
  • A yearly increase in the Maximum Amount of Coverage per Illness and Maximum Daily Room Rate upon first installment for your healthcare benefits.
  • You continue to enjoy the increasing Maximum Amount of Coverage per Illness and Maximum Daily Room Rate for an additional period of 5 years after the saving period (without paying additional installment).
  • Guarantees you the availability of an Extended Benefit Maximum for your medical benefits on the 11thyear and onwards.
  • Builds your Extended Benefit Maximum through a guaranteed 5% yearly increase. If Inpatients Services and Special Procedures during the entire saving period are not availed of, however, the Extended Benefit Maximum increases by 8%.
  • You can charge the Inpatients Services and Special Procedures plus Outpatient Privileges incurred by an immediate family member to the Extended Benefit Maximum on the 11thyear and onwards.
  • Your Inpatients Services and Special Procedures comprised of:
    1. Hospitalization Benefits
    2. Emergency Care and
    3. Special Diagnostic and Laboratory Procedures
  • Your built-in Outpatient Privileges Package comprised of
    1. Outpatient Services
    2. Annual Physical Examination
    3. Preventive Health Care
    4. Dental Care
    5. Other Services
  • You have a Three-Way Maximum Life Insurance Package,
  • Your full assistance in memorial service requirements
  • Plus a multitude of additional features which includes among others:
    1. Coverage of Pre-existing Illness
    2. Additional Benefits during the 11th year and onwards
    3. Provisions on transfer and assignment
    4. Grace Period and
    5. Plan Termination Values.

Programs in CareHealth Plus assures you of a nationwide, 24-hour health protection made possible by a young and rising HMO Company owned and managed by business professionals in consortium with a nationwide medical services network of health care providers.

Through the CareHealth Plus Extended LifeCare Program, you will be able to do more than just provide for your present health needs; you will be safeguarding your future health requirements as well.