ValuePlus Program

The ValuePlus Program is a unique HMO program that limits your obligation to a two year saving period. It offers a one of a kind LifeCare program in the industry. A bird’s eye-view of our Value Plus healthcare program:

  • Our Value Plus healthcare program is designed as a short-term investment, i.e Two (2) years to pay plan plus another full year of coverage during its Third year paid up period.
  • As with our OptimumCare program, Value Plus retains CareHealth’s three (3) way insurance coverages for our clients within the ages of seven (7) years old to sixty-five (65) years old.
  • Similarly, our Value Plus program offers our CareHealth’s maximum healthcare coverages, including the unique benefit of memorial service assistance, whenever and wherever needed.
  • Above all, our Value Plus program certainly becomes the most affordable choice for every “Juan dela Cruz” since Healthcare benefits identical with our OptimumCare program.