ValuePlus Program

The ValuePlus Program is a unique HMO program that limits your obligation to a two year saving period. It offers a one of a kind LifeCare program in the industry. A bird’s eye-view of our Value Plus healthcare program:

  • Our Value Plus healthcare program is designed as a short-term investment, i.e Two (2) years to pay plan plus another full year of coverage during its Third year paid up period.
  • As with our OptimumCare program, Value Plus retains CareHealth’s three (3) way insurance coverages for our clients within the ages of seven (7) years old to sixty-five (65) years old.
  • Similarly, our Value Plus program offers our CareHealth’s maximum healthcare coverages, including the unique benefit of memorial service assistance, whenever and wherever needed.
  • Above all, our Value Plus program certainly becomes the most affordable choice for every “Juan dela Cruz” since Healthcare benefits identical with our OptimumCare program remain undiminished for as low as P1,807.00 per Month. For a full view of prices, click here.

Our most affordable Value Plus healthcare program comes at this present time of gift-giving.  We believe that our Value Plus program is our unique way of sharing the blessings of the Yuletide season with our fellowmen who deserve maximum healthcare benefits at minimum cost.