Oftentimes known as the “City of Seven Lakes” (Lungsod ng Pitong Lawa, in Tagalog), San Pablo City in Laguna is nestled in the foothills of two dormant volcanoes (Mount Banahaw, in the west and Mount Makiling, in the north) and the Great Sierra Madre Mountains (in the east).

The natural mountainside terrain surrounding the city provides rich fertile grounds for agriculture and horticulture.  Wide areas are thus efficiently utilized for abundant plantations of coconut, cultivation of lanzones and rambutan fruit trees, including orchid plants.

Apart from the city being popularly referred to as the Lanzones Country of Luzon, San Pablo remains as a nondescript face amid the economic boom of surrounding cities and towns during the past decades.  Still, even as San Pablo is considered as a semi-developed residential area, it continues to boast of transforming itself into the next potential eco-tourism destination in the province.

CareHealth Plus shared in San Pablo City’s vision of an up-and-coming participant in the race for economic progress.

In mid-2018, CareHealth Plus-San Pablo opened its arms to the health-conscious community of the city as well as to the health requirements of local and foreign investments, industrial estates, export processing zones and other major institutions.

CareHealth Plus-San Pablo inaugurated its branch office at the D-Zone Building, Barangay San Rafael, San Pablo City with Ma. Estrellita Cabela as pioneer Branch Manager and Regina Rae Z. Ramos as Care & Operations Assistant

The branch operates under the tutelage of Area Marketing Manager Christian Emmanuel O. Almeida.   Supervising its overall operations is Marketing Group Head Raffy Ibarreta, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer.

Trivia (from Wikipedia):

The Seven Lakes of the city are:

  1. Lake Bunot
  1. Lake Calibato, sometimes spelled as Lake Kalibato
  1. Lakes Yambo & Pandin (the Twin Lakes)
  1. Lake Palakpakin, sometimes spelled as Lake Palacpaquin or Palacpaquen
  1. Lake Muhikap, also known as Lake Mohicap
  1. Lake Sampaloc, also spelled as Lake Sampalok, the largest of the seven crater lakes, situated adjacent to the back of the city hall.

Hacienda Escudero Plantation Resort Town is the largest planned community investment in the city covering 415 hectares. Cast within the richness of coconut plantations, the original Villa Escudero Plantations is projected to be the center-piece of commercial establishments (mall, hotels, and a convention center) to be built relative to the distinctive architecture theme of the original Villa Escudero situated right across the boundary arch of San Pablo City and Tiaong in Quezon province.

Franklin Baker Company, a long-time manufacturer and exporter of desiccated and processed coconut products is based in San Pablo City, with international marketing offices in Memphis, United States and Northolt, United Kingdom.

Although disputed by many, San Pablo also claims the title City of Buko Pie. (The incontrovertible fact remains, however, that coconut’s health nutrients make anyone “go loco over coco.”)

Address: D-Zone Building, Barangay San Rafael, San Pablo City

(049) 549 6709


Brgy. Rafael, San Pablo, Laguna

(049) 5620728