With more than 30,000 tricycles plying the entire city’s roads, Cabanatuan has earned its unique monicker, “The Tricycle Capital of the Philippines.” Cabanatuan is the most populous city in the entire province of Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon.

In contrast, Palayan City, although considered most sparsely populated, remains to be the capital city of Nueva Ecija, a fact unnoticed perhaps by most people. Situated 120-kilometers from Manila, Cabanatuan serves as “Gateway to the North,” making it one of the busiest melting pots of commerce, trade, transportation and tourism. The city’s Circumferential Road along the Maharlika Highway and two by-pass roads, avoiding the bottlenecks at Maharlika Highway, provide convenient access to all alternate routes in any direction.

Cabanatuan (or “Cabsy”, as locals call the city with high regard) is a vibrant economic and financial beehive of progress in Nueva Ecija, owing to its vast networks for the distribution of goods and commodities.

The city acts as a trading place or bagsakan of agricultural produce (palay, onion, garlic, etc.) from the surrounding farming communities. Cabsy has attracted giant land developers and optimistic investors including the volatile automotive and BPO industries. To date, more than a hundred subdivisions and commercial buildings have sprung up in the large areas surrounding downtown Cabsy.

Without losing a beat in its quest for prominence, CareHealth Plus rode on the bandwagon of competitive businesses, officially launching its CareHealth Plus-Cabanatuan branch in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

CareHealth Plus-Cabanatuan holds office at the 2nd Floor of the popular NE Pacific Mall, along Maharlika Highway. NE Pacific Mall is one of the popular upscale malls, teeming with equally populous shoppers, diners, movie-goers and mall habitués. CareHealth-Cabanatuan is ably supported by Assistant Branch Manager, Rowena A. Lao and Care & Operations Assistant, Rezelle Lugtu, RN.

Catherine C. Nabua throws in her share of upholding the branch as Area Marketing Consultant.

Hands-on supervision of the entire Branch Office is made by the passionately high-wired Marjorie M. Matias, Area Marketing Manager, reporting directly to the equally enthusiastic Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer-Alternative Marketing, Rafael J. Ibarreta.

CareHealth Plus-Cabanatuan maintains a first-rate sales team with an intense desire to “dig deep, dominate and WIN.” A core group of Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales Counselors exude an enduring determination to “dominate and WIN!” AMM Marj may have imbibed the Black Mamba’s “passion for the game!”

The commitment of a lifetime of health for all Members is fulfilled in equal measure through CareHealth’s medical providers – hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers in the city.


Address: 2nd Floor, NE Pacific Mall, Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City

(044) 456 5877


Pan-Philippine Hwy, San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija

(044) 940 0981



SobrepeƱa Dr, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

(044) 958 9108



Maharlika Highway, Daan Sarile, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

(044) 463 7845