The Philippines became interestingly amazed when the biggest rice cake was baked in the municipality of Cainta, Rizal. Shortly thereafter, Cainta was rightfully acknowledged as the “Bibingka Capital of the Philippines.”

Cainta remains progressive and highly urbanized characterizing the best of both worlds in city living within a provincial setting. An annual cultural festival held every December 1, the ‘SumBingTik Festival” highlights Cainta’s claim to fame while celebrating its founding anniversary along with the feast of its Patron Saint, Our Lady of Light.

The moniker “SumBingTik” is a fusion of “SUMan, biBINGka, laTIK” – the three mouthwatering native delicacies produced by Cainta. As famous as the SumBingTik is the equally recognized “Aling Kika” assortments of heavenly-tasting bibingkas!

CareHealth Plus went into fusion with Cainta when it opened its CareHealth Plus-Cainta branch office in August 17, 2017.

Presently headed by its poised Branch Manager, Jean Reyes, the branch holds office at the 2nd Floor, Saunterfield Place, Km. 20, Ortigas Avenue Extension, Brgy. Santo Niño, Cainta, Rizal with Office Landline (02) 8995-0889.

The branch is directly supervised by its elegant Area Marketing Manager Belen F. Rodil and falls under the jurisdiction of energetic Marketing Group Head Noel B. Yap, First Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer-Regular Sales. Providing full support for marketing operations is the indubitably vivacious Joyce Detona, Area Marketing Consultant.

With its topnotch marketing team of Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales Counselors, CareHealth Plus-Cainta looks to upend all other industry competitors in the area, given that the branch marketing organization anticipates a marked growth in sales manpower as it forges ahead in meeting its goals on a month-to-month progression.

Sales activities in the branch do not lose a beat as with other branches – basic sales orientation and training, Group Business marketing, sales meetings, fellowship.

CareHealth Plus-Cainta reflects an ever-increasing number of dedicated Carers sticking it out through thick and thin with only the best among the best. No wonder then that this unity seemingly evolves from the glazing SumBingTik mentality of the locals – sticking it out together as one big family!

(Trivia from Wikipedia: “Bibingka is believed to have been adapted from the Indian cuisine, an influence from its Sepoy population. It comes from the Indian word bebinca also known as bibik, a dessert made of flour, coconut milk, and egg. The Philippine version is made of rice flour, coconut milk and salted duck eggs. Butter and sugar are used for glazing after cooking and before serving.”)

Welcome to CareHealth Plus-Cainta!

As the locals say: “Maki-CAINTAyo dito!”

Address: 2nd Floor, Saunterfield Place, Km. 20, Ortigas Avenue Extension, Brgy. Santo Niño, Cainta, Rizal

(02) 8995 0889


Felix Ave, Cainta, Metro Manila

280-4711, 645-6042



Manila East Road, Rizal




Quezon Ave, Angono, Rizal

451-2397 / 651-0954



No. 6 Rizal Avenue, Brgy. San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal

(02) 942-4698 , (02) 706-7101