“Viva Senyor Santo Niño!  Pit Senyor

This greeting meets the visitor to Cebu especially during the month of January, when the city and province, in unison, celebrate Cebu’s famed “Sinulog” festival.  The greeting becomes interchangeably a plaintive cry, acclamation and chant during the “Sinulog.”

But that’s going ahead of our feature on our “Cebu Triad.”  Let’s take a short glimpse of history.

When Portuguese-born explorer Ferdinand Magellan first landed in the Philippines in April 1521, Cebu began a colorful historic place in history, becoming “the first Spanish settlement, the country’s oldest city, and the first capital of the Philippines.  It is considered as the Fount of Christianity in the Far East.”

As a highly urbanized city, Cebu City is known as the Queen City of the South and is presently the center of a metropolitan area called Metro Cebu, which includes the surrounding cities of Carcar, Danao, Lapu-Lapu, Mactan, Mandaue, Naga and Talisay plus some six (6) municipalities and towns.  With a total population of close to 3 million, Metro Cebu becomes the second most populous metropolitan area of the Philippines after Metro Manila.  (Source:

CareHealth Plus Systems International, Inc. “landed” in Cebu City in mid-year 2015.   From then onwards, CareHealth Plus-Cebu became one of the more outstanding branches nationwide, under the able leadership of its dedicated Area Marketing Manager, Leonardo “Yonal” Sison.  This pioneer branch holds office at the 2nd Floor, Room 12, AVON Building, Plaza Osmeña Boulevard, Capitol Site, Cebu City.

CareHealth Plus-Cebu has proven its collective strength and undisputed consistency in delivering a sizeable sales volume from its birth to the present.   Precisely because of this, a second branch was opened at the 4th Floor, LUYM Building along Osmeña Boulevard corner Plaridel Street

This second branch is presently known as CareHealth Plus-Cebu Downtown, distinguishing it from the pioneer branch which now adopted its present name, CareHealth Plus-Cebu Main.   To accommodate further the increasingly booming sales activities of Metro Cebu, another branch – CareHealth Plus-Mandaue – was established at the 2nd Floor, MSD Building, M.L.Quezon Street, Casuntingan, Mandaue City.

The above-named three branches – CareHealth Plus-Cebu Capitol, CareHealth Plus-Cebu Downtown and CareHealth Plus-Mandaue – have earned the collective monicker, “CEBU TRIAD” of CareHealth Plus.

Our “Cebu Triad” is headed by our committed Senior Manager & Area Head: Freddie Tan (Cebu-Main), Senior Manager Mario Rendon (Cebu-Downtown) and Branch Manager Celia Sabelino (Mandaue).  As Area Marketing Consultants (AMC), Benedicto Antonio Peteros & Lady Fay Romanillos provide unequivocal assistance in Group Business endeavors of the region.

Complementing our Cebu Triad is a remarkable aggregate team of close to 700 Sales Counselors, managed directly by 35 Sales Agency Managers (SAM) and 130 Sales Group Managers (SGM).   Collectively, for the past ten (10) months alone (February-November 2017), this potent sales force has delivered an estimated monthly average of 7.4 million TCP with 1.2 million ICBI.

In turn, our Cebu Triad is solidly backed by a wide range of recognized local hospitals: Cebu Doctors Hospital, Chong Hua Hospital, Cebu North General Hospital, Mactan Doctor’s Hospital and South General Hospital.

Efficient diagnostic clinics (Hi-Precision Diagnostic Centers, Friendly Care) and various diagnostic laboratories led by Stanford Medical Laboratory serve Metro Cebu’s increasing number of Members.

Availments of medical services for CareHealth Plus Cardholders are facilitated through Cebu Main’s Care & Operations Assistants (COA) Luzvelle R. Daep, Ma. Concepcion Ybañez, Remie Dela Cruz, Robina D. Pastor & Mark C. Oliamot.  Similar number of assistance provided by Cebu-Downtown’s COA Rosemarie S. Penafiel & Cassandra Gail T. Sanchez.   Cebu-Mandaue’s COA Don M. Albano completes the team of Cebu’s frontliners.

Now, back to Cebu’s famed 9-day long Sinulog festival, rivalling the equally famous Brazilian “Mardi Gras” and culminating traditionally every 3rd Sunday of January.  In 2018, the Sinulog climaxed on January 21 with the Festival mantra “One Beat, One Dance, One Vision.”

Cebu’s population literally swells when local and international holidaymakers, tourists, vacationists and sightseers intermingle as they participate in the disciplined frenzy of Sinulog street-dancing. 

During this impassioned festival, the chants of “Pit Senyor” roar through the air, resonating the crowd’s pleas for the Sto. Niño’s blessings.  The tumultuous Sinulog event ends in a Grand Parade of uniquely costumed “tribal” groups showcasing various intricate paces of the Sinulog Prayer-Dance, swaying to the synchronized dance-steps and drumbeats while alternately cradling and raising miniature images of the Sto. Niño amid the pulsating cries of the high-pitched “Pit Senyor” acclamation.

From, we understand the meaning of the “Pit Senyor” chant.

“Senyor” refers to the “Holy Child, Senyor Santo Niño de Cebu”, the original image of which was presented as a gift by Magellan to Rajah Humabon and his wife, Hara Humamay, when the Rajah and his wife along with more than 500 of their subordinates were baptized into Christianity in April 1521.  The Sto. Niño’s image remains as one of the oldest Christian relics in the Philippines, the other being the “Magellan’s Cross”.

“Pit” comes from a contraction of the Cebuano word “sangpit”, meaning “to call upon”, “to plead”.

Being a contraction, “Pit Senyor” is, thus, the shortened version of “Sangpit kang Senyor Santo Niño” (call upon the Sr. Sto. Niño). 

The Santo Niño de Cebú is also known as Balaang Bata sa Sugbo (Cebuano), Batang Banal ng Cebu (Tagalog), Santo Niño de Cebú (Spanish).

“Viva Senyor Santo Niño!  Pit Senyor! Na hala, kita-kita na lang ta sa mata didto!”

Cheers and MABUHAY to our Cebu Triad of CareHealth Plus!!!

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