Gingoog derives from “Hingoog,” a word in the local Binukid dialect of the indigenous Manobo settlers.  The word means “Good luck.”   Gingoog City is thus popularly referred to as “The City of Good Luck.”  (Following syllabication and Spanish-based orthography, Gingoog is pronounced as HEE-ngu-og.)

Gingoog City is a 2nd class city in the province of Misamis Oriental in upper Northern Mindanao.  Seemingly unassuming, the city is well-populated with 79 barangays.  The unpretentious and reserved character of the city is manifested in the unaffected ways of its noticeably hospitable people.

With an equally open-minded intent, CareHealth Plus confidently set its foot in the City of Good Luck.  CareHealth Plus – Gingoog opened in 2018 with a mind to share in the city’s gift of Good Fortune while similarly sharing the company’s mission of healthcare consciousness with the urban community

CareHealth Plus – Gingoog prominently holds office at Door 9C-B Nadal Building, National Highway, Barangay 04, Gingoog City with email address   Assistant Branch Manager Erickson Garsuta calmly maintains a positive outlook for the branch to succeed, albeit gradually, in uplifting the community’s continued healthcare awareness.   Assisting him is a good number of sales personnel – Sales Agency Managers, Sales Group Managers and Sales Counselors – all working as one in uplifting the community’s overall welfare

Care & Operations Assistant Yvon Chastity B. Go, RN, efficiently mans the branch’s backroom operations as well as attending to the most important concerns of Members requiring medical services.  Direct supervision of the branch’s area of operations is made on a regular basis by Area Marketing Manager Rolando F. Polosan.

With the company’s nobility of purpose, there is no shred of doubt that CareHealth Plus – Gingoog will ultimately share in the city’s vaunted Good Fortune in all its endeavors.

Address: Door 9C-B Nadal Building, National Highway, Barangay 04, Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental



C Bagaipo St, Gingoog, 9014 Misamis Oriental

(088) 861 2006