QuantumCare Program

The QuantumCare Program is a unique HMO program that limits your obligation to a five year saving period. It offers a one of a kind LifeCare program in the industry which enables the Member to enjoy multitude of benefits which consists, among others, the following features:

  • Guards you from any price increases through a 5-year saving plan with a level premium for 5 years.
  • A yearly increase in the Maximum Amount of Coverage per Illness and Maximum Daily Room Rate upon first installment for your healthcare benefits.
  • You continue to enjoy the increasing Maximum Amount of Coverage per Illness and Maximum Daily Room Rate
  • Guarantees you the availability of

  1. Inpatients Services and Special Procedures comprised of:

*Hospitalization Benefits

*Emergency Care

*Special Diagnostic and Laboratory Procedures

2. Built-in Outpatient Privileges Package comprised of

*Outpatient Services

*Annual Physical Examination

*Preventive Health Care

*Dental Care

*Other Services

  • You have a Three-way Maximum Life Insurance Package,
  • Your Full assistance in memorial service requirements
  • Plus additional features which includes among others:

*Coverage of Pre-existing Illness

*Provisions on trnasfer and assignment

*Grace Period and

*Plan Termination Values.

Through the CareHealth Plus QuantumCare Program, you will be able to do more than just provide for your presesnt health needs; you will be safeguarding your future health requirements as well.