Quantum Gold

The QUANTUM GOLD Healthcare Program is the first-of-its-kind HMO product of CareHealth Plus.The salient features of Quantum Gold speak of the intrinsic worth of this novel healthcare program.

  1. Quantum Gold provides healthcare coverage for Seven (7 ) years, with a payment period of only Five (5) years.
  2. Quantum Gold offers increased Maximum Benefit Limits (MBL) per Illness per Year as well as increased Maximum Daily Room Rates (MDRR) during the first Five (5) years of coverage.
  3. More healthcare privileges await the Member during the Two (2) year Extended Period of Coverage, beginning at a Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL) of P50,000 for Plan A and P100,000 for Plan A+ on the 6th year of coverage.
  4. As a safety net, the prospective Member is given a special Right to Cancelhis Enrollment Application within the designated period of Fifteen (15) days.
  5. Quantum Gold also offers Insurance Benefits, as follows:
    a. Term Life Insurance
    b. Accidental Death Insurance
    c. Waiver of Installments due to Disability

Since time immemorial, man has placed great value on gold, perpetuating its distinctive excellence. At CareHealth Plus, we recognize our Quantum Gold as one unparalleled healthcare program worthy and deserving of our discriminating market.

Indeed,“When HealthCare is the Question, CareHealth is the Answer!!”